Travel Photos – The Coliseum (Rome)

I fully realize it has been too long since my previous post but I just haven’t made the time to do anything about it!  I am making a goal for myself going forward of no less than 1 new post every two weeks.  With that said, today I wanted to feature the Coliseum in Rome.  The Coliseum, to me, is one of the few ancient buildings where it is still quite easy to imagine what it looked like while in use, which makes it fascinating to walk around the arena.  Here are some of my favorite pictures of the Coliseum from my travels:

Coliseum Exterior

Coliseum Exterior

Coliseum Exterior

Coliseum Interior

Tip: To avoid waiting in the extremely long lines at the Coliseum, buy your ticket at the entrance of the Palatine Hill/Forum early in the morning and tour it first.  The exit of the Forum is right at the entrance to the Coliseum.



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