Travel Photos – Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Had we not had a little extra time while making our way back to Zurich at the end of a trip in May, 2010, I probably would have never seen the Abbey of Einsiedeln, luckily we did manage to squeeze it in.  The town is relatively close to Zurich but feels like it is completely cut-off from the metropolitan area (approximately 40 kilometers).  The Abbey is obviously the focal point of the town, but we did have a light lunch in the town which was good (unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the restaurant).  As you can see from the photos below, the Abbey is quite impressive from the outside.  The inside is also quite striking.  Please enjoy!

Abbey of Einsiedeln (*** – Very interesting but probably not worth going extremely far out of your way to see it)

One more picture of the exterior (look for the Nuns walking down the steps)

A view of the city of Einsiedeln, Switzerland from the entrance of the Abbey


Travel Photos – Zurich, Switzerland

Today I am back with another entry in my travel photos series.  This time the pictures are from Zurich, Switzerland during a trip I took in May, 2010.  I am going to pass on making comments on the pictures this time as Switzerland just did not interest me as much as other places and I honestly do not remember the names of the buildings/river/streets in the pictures.  Zurich is a very nice, clean city but it lacks the charm of other European cities, at least to me. (It is also much more expensive)  This is not to say I recommend avoiding Zurich, it is just that I would not value time there as highly as I would most other cities in Europe.

All of that being said, please do enjoy the pictures as Zurich is a very picturesque city.