Blog Update – July 2013

So, it has been a disgracefully long time since my last post.  Close to 6 months.  It was the result of a combination of factors and the most significant of those is that my wife and I relocated to Atlanta, GA this spring.  Selling our old house and setting up shop in a new city presented a lot of time-consuming activities, plus I started a new job which has kept me quite busy for the past several months.

That being said, I am making a commitment to begin posting more updates to the blog and will begin with this post detailing some of the upcoming travels we have booked through the end of 2013.  In addition to those specified below, I am going to try and put out a few more in my travel photos series.

July: Starwood status challenge results

August: Hotel Review: Westin Birmingham

September: No travel plans as of yet but I may try and get my wife to do a guest-posting review of the hotel she is staying at in Miami.

October: The Saint Hotel, Autograph Collection from Marriott in New Orleans, LA.  The Roosevelt, Waldorf-Astoria in New Orleans, LA

November: No travel plans as of yet.

December: Trip report from Green Bay, WI for Packers vs. Falcons game.  Lufthansa Business Class from ATL-FRA-FCO, return from BCN-FRA-ATL.  Rome Cavalieri, Waldorf-Astoria in Rome, Italy. Hilton Diaganol Mar in Barcelona, Spain.  Trip report from the Rome/Barcelona trip.


New from Hampton Inn…..

Creepy stick-it notes left by housekeeping on the headboard of the bed.  The worst part about this is that I did not notice this note, which I assume was present the entire time since I decline housekeeping while staying, for 3 nights.  As I was getting ready to leave this morning I noticed it.  I don’t know if it is limited to this specific Hampton as I haven’t seen it at others recently.  However, as this has proven, I may have just missed it previously.

On a more positive note, I do appreciate the fact that Hampton is trying to make sure that guests know that they are receiving clean bedding.  I just think that there must be a better way to do it!

Here is a picture of the note.

Quick Travel Question?

First, I need to provide some background.  I took a flight for business this past Monday morning and on the United flight from Houston to St. Louis the flight attendant forced all passengers to remove liquids (waters bottles, coke, coffee, etc.) from the seat back pockets during takeoff/landing as she claimed this is a FAA Regulation.

I have flown a fair amount in the past 5 years but have never once heard this pronouncement.  I have flown on the type of aircraft before as well and never heard it.  I was just wondering if anyone else has ever had a flight attendant force you to hold water bottles during takeoff/landing?

Why I put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on my hotel room door each day

I don’t know how many people out there are with me on this one but I put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on my hotel room door each day for stays shorter than 5 nights.  Maybe I am strange, but I set up the room how I like it the first night I check-in.  I feel that housekeeping will move my things around and then I catch myself putting them back how I like them.  That is why I choose to save both housekeeping and myself the time and effort of not making up my room.  However, after 4 nights I will let housekeeping come change out the towels and sheets.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Am I strange for wanting the room to stay how I arranged it?