Month: January 2012

Travel Photos – Cittadella, Italy

The next installment in my travel photo series comes from a small Italian town that is not listed in any guidebook.  It is truly one of my favorite towns in Italy and is definitely worth an overnight if you are near Venice and looking for a town that offers old world charm.  Please enjoy the pictures of Cittadella, Italy.

The first picture is of the exterior wall the surrounds the old core of the town. Such an impressive site to garner zero mentions in any travel guides.

Another view of the exterior walls, with approaching storm clouds in the background.

The next photo comes from the central piazza of Cittadella.

Around the corner from the central piazza is a wonderful Osteria.

The next three photos are of my personal recommendation for accommodations in Cittadella. Hotel Due Mori.  The prices are reasonable (85 Euros including breakfast) and the rooms are clean and nice.

Front exterior of Hotel (looking towards street)

Garden behind the hotel (from room balcony)

Room with King Bed

I hope you enjoyed these photos!  I will try and cover more Italian towns throughout the coming week.

What I hope to provide through my blog posts

I have three primary goals for this blog:

1.) To provide short city and country guides that focus on a segment of the population that has been noticeably absent from the travel guide industry,   young professionals.  My definition of this is an educated individual between the ages of 23-34 that has the resources to be able to travel in comfort, but not luxury.  I do not intend for this to be a luxury travel guide nor do I intend for this to be a backpacker’ guide.

2.) My second goal is to document my travels for business and the trips I take with my wife.

3.) The third, and probably least significant goal, is to provide some random thoughts on the travel industry as a whole.

As I continue to develop content I may add focus areas but this should be a good start!

Why I put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on my hotel room door each day

I don’t know how many people out there are with me on this one but I put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on my hotel room door each day for stays shorter than 5 nights.  Maybe I am strange, but I set up the room how I like it the first night I check-in.  I feel that housekeeping will move my things around and then I catch myself putting them back how I like them.  That is why I choose to save both housekeeping and myself the time and effort of not making up my room.  However, after 4 nights I will let housekeeping come change out the towels and sheets.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Am I strange for wanting the room to stay how I arranged it?