Trip Report – Ireland

In what I hope will be a continued series going forward I am going to give a full trip report of our recent 8 day trip through Ireland.  I plan to do a day-by-day account of our trip with tips on sightseeing, hotels and dining options in each place we visited.  I will also try to include as many pictures as possible in order to illustrate what I am discussing.  Today’s post is just the outline for the future posts and I will try to get them up here in a reasonably timely manner.  Here is the daily itinerary for our trip and also the order of the posts:

Day 1, 9/2 – Arrive in Dublin, rent car and drive to Galway

Day 2, 9/3 – Leave Galway early AM and drive to Cliffs of Moher.  From there a quick stop in Limerick and on to Tralee.

Day 3, 9/4 – Depart Tralee early AM and tour Dingle Peninsula.  Spend night in Kenmare.

Day 4, 9/5 – Travel from Kenmare to Kinsale, stay near Kinsale that night.

Day 5, 9/6 – Depart Kinsale early AM to travel to Powerscourt Estate with a quick stop in Cashel. Spend night in Powerscourt.

Day 6, 9/7 – Depart Powerscourt and return rental car, spend day in Dublin and stay in town.

Day 7, 9/8 – Spent the entire day in Dublin

Day 8, 9/9 – Early morning departure for return flight to States.

Look for each day to be a detailed post in the coming weeks!


Quick Travel Question?

First, I need to provide some background.  I took a flight for business this past Monday morning and on the United flight from Houston to St. Louis the flight attendant forced all passengers to remove liquids (waters bottles, coke, coffee, etc.) from the seat back pockets during takeoff/landing as she claimed this is a FAA Regulation.

I have flown a fair amount in the past 5 years but have never once heard this pronouncement.  I have flown on the type of aircraft before as well and never heard it.  I was just wondering if anyone else has ever had a flight attendant force you to hold water bottles during takeoff/landing?