San Francisco

Travel Photos – San Francisco, California

I am switching it up this time and going with photos from the most recent (domestic) trip my wife and I took.  We went to San Francisco over New Year’s and really enjoyed spending some relaxing time in the city while burning some Hilton points.  We lucked out getting 2 of 3 perfectly clear sunny days with highs in the mid-60’s.  Couldn’t have been better!  Enjoy!

View of the Golden Gate Bridge from close to Fisherman’s Wharf (Sight – ***).

View of Alcatraz from near Lombard St.

View of Colt Tower (Colt Tower – ** – just for the views) from near Lombard St.

My wife and I in front of Lombard St. (Apparently we took a bunch of pictures up there) (Lombard St. – **)

This picture is looking towards downtown from Columbus Ave. (Notice the Hilton Financial District Hotel peaking over the tops of some buildings on the right-hand side.  I will give a brief review below)

To complete the pictures portion of this post I had to throw in the requisite picture of Chinatown.  It is very touristy but still fun to walk through. (Chinatown – ****)

I do want to give a brief review of the hotel we stayed in during our trip to San Francisco.  We were there over New Year’s Eve and the prices to pay for rooms out-of-pocket were pretty prohibitive so I decided to use some Hilton Honors points to book us a room.  I searched and there are three options for Hilton’s in the city: Fisherman’s Wharf, Union Square and Financial District.  The Union Square and Financial District hotels are pretty close together and I liked the fact that they were in less “touristy” sections of the city so the choice was down to those two.  I selected the Financial District Hilton based upon the reviews on, which were extremely helpful.  I think the hotel was redeemed for approximately 40,000 Hilton Honors points per night which isn’t the greatest deal in the world, but isn’t awful for the what the rooms were selling for over New Year’s.  (Price Rating – $$$$$)

The hotel itself was updated, clean and had a newer feel to it even though from the outside you could tell it was older.  Hilton has done a superb job of keeping this hotel in good and updated condition.  The check-in was efficient, even arriving when we did at 1 AM, with the staff welcoming me as a Diamond Member and explaining the Executive Lounge.  The room itself was clean but had an odor of stale cigarettes that we could not get rid of. Other than the smell, we had no complains with the condition of the room/bathroom.

Overall, I would recommend this hotel to someone traveling for leisure or business as it has a fairly convenient location (Very close to Chinatown) and the rooms are what you come to expect from Hilton.

Hope you enjoyed this post!  Since I am traveling this week I might be able to press out one more so do look forward to that!