Travel Photos – Verona, Italy

This week’s featured destination in the Travel Photos series is Verona, Italy.  Verona is one my favorite destinations in Italy and has wonderful historical sites with smaller crowds, what’s not to love?

I guess I should start with the Arena in Verona, which happens to be one my favorite Roman Ruins in Italy.  It is so amazing to me that it still holds events to this day.  (Update:  I wanted to add in a helpful tip for parking near the arena.  It is the Park Cittadella and it is literally less than a 5-minute walk to the Arena.  I have included the link (in Italian) for any who are interested.)

Closer View

Interior (You can see the updated seating that is installed in the Arena for events)

Piazza Bra (Piazza outside of the Arena.  The cafes here may look nice and have a great location but to get better food I would suggest heading at least 1-2 blocks into the city away from the Arena)

Via Mazzini (Pedestrian only street leading from Arena to Piazza delle Erbe)

Juliet’s House (With supposed balcony pictured)

Piazza delle Erbe

One more from Piazza delle Erbe

 If you have the chance to visit Verona I would highly recommend taking advantage of it.  It is a great city with interesting and unique sites.  Hope you enjoyed this edition of the Travel Photos series.