Travel Photos – Venice, Italy

The next installment in my travel photos series comes from Venice, Italy.  I have traveled there twice, once in 1989 and once in 2008.  Unfortunately, I was too young to remember much from the 1989 trip and none of those pictures are in a digital format so all I have are photos from a 1-day, rain-soaked, trip to the city in 2008.  These pictures do not do justice to how beautiful the city is but they do capture what the city looks like when the crowds are gone.  Enjoy!

Piazza San Marco (***** – Central to everything in Venice. Quite touristy but still a must visit)

One more…

Rialto Bridge ( *** – Charming but nothing much to it)

Grand Canal


And another….

 I know these aren’t the best photos due to the nasty weather but hopefully they convey some of the beauty of Venice.  Look for some more travel photos posts coming up and a post detailing some future travel that should result in more extensive trip reports.


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