City/Country Guide Rating System

Rating System

I have thought long and hard about how to provide an accurate rating system for any city or country guides I publish on the blog and I believe I have developed something that can be both informative and user-friendly, at least based upon my own experiences.  As I get further into my blogging I may go back and adjust this. (I am not going to give out stars to hotel as I think that can be misleading.  I will either provide a positive or negative review of the hotel based upon my experience)

Hotel Pricing guide (for 2 guests):

$ – Less than 65 US dollars per night

$$ – 66 to 85

$$$ – 86 – 110

$$$$ – 111 – 150

$$$$$ – 151 and above

Restaurant Pricing Guide:

$ – Less than 10 dollars

$$ – 11-30 dollars

$$$ – 31 and above

These prices are based upon one person ordering a typical entrée with a beer or glass of wine.

Sight Guide (Please keep in mind this guide serves as my opinion on what to see given limited time and budget):

*Not worth visiting

**Do not go out of your way, but if you come across it then you might as well visit

***Worthy of making a short side trip to visit but not on short trips

****Should plan to visit as it is worthy of your limited time and budget

*****One of the places that should be visited regardless of the time/budget allotted for your trip

I know this will not be useful to everyone (especially if I don’t start posting some reviews!) but I hope that it can at least be useful as a rough guide.



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